Did Japan Really Trade More Bitcoin than US this Weekend?

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Bitcoin record is unquestionably anticipating a share of fans in Japan, a nation that recently due a rather friendlier regulatory horizon for a digital currency. And now, a land of a rising object is making a identical swell in terms of online trading.

Over a left weekend, Japan has reportedly recorded the world’s second tip Bitcoin trade volume, descending only brief of touching China, while beating the US. A contention instituted on Reddit supposing an picture to infer a claim. The image showed how BTC/JPY trade instruments was sitting on a tip of BTC/USD and BTC/EUR respectively. Even nonetheless a source of this information has not be guarded yet, it still seemed flattering plausible.


Japan has a inclusive cryptocurrency ecosystem that has bounced behind on lane after Mt Gox, a shameful Bitcoin sell that mislaid million of dollars of people’s income to an inside hack. A fair volume of pundits saw a occurrence as an finish of Bitcoin in a segment though – opposite all a contingency – a Japanese regulators took stairs to emanate a assured sourroundings for Bitcoin community. It encouraged a digital currency’s adoption by recently recognizing it as any other fiat currency.

While a credit of a Reddit post

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