Digital Assets Holding Acquires Swiss Blockchain Startup

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Digital Asset Holdings keeps making a name for itself and expanding their reach all over the world. Now that they have acquired Elevence Digital Finance, the future of distributed ledgers looks a lot more bright in Switzerland and other European countries.

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Digital Asset Holdings Acquires Another Startup

Aficionados may have heard of Elevence Digital Finance before, as this startup is focusing their attention of a modeling language to determine rights and obligations in blockchain collaboration agreements. This Swiss blockchain startup has made quite the name for itself in recent months, and that has not gone by unnoticed.

Exploring the boundaries of blockchain technology is what most startups are focusing on right now, but Digital Asset Holdings is looking well beyond this phase Two important topics need to be addressed, as both independent transactions updates and data confidentiality are of the utmost importance.

Now that Digital Asset Holdings acquired Elevence Digital Finance, they can start offering a complete solution that tackles not only the technology side of things, but also a way for involved parties to verify all transactions independently. Moreover, the blockchain outfit also acquires the eight-person team behind the Swiss startup, which can be beneficial for

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