Digital Currencies Conference 2015: ‘Bitcoin Tech is the Future,’ Says Blythe …

Bitcoin has been in focus of everyone’s attention in Bank Sector recently. Many experts are striving to express their opinion about digital currency in general and blockchain in particular. Moreover a mission of changing current financial system is ascribed to the latter.

Blockchain maintains control over all bitcoin transactions and locations and in this regard the technology is pretty straightforward. No wonder that many people believe that applying it to other spheres is more than possible.

Blythe Masters is one of those who support bitcoin. She now takes the post of Chief Executive at Digital Asset Holdings. Her name is one of the most well-known in the industry.

Masters started her career in the bank JP Morgan Chase in 1991. It’s remarkable that she became a managing director at the age of 28 which allowed her to become the youngest woman to achieve that status in the firm’s history. She contributed to the creation of the market for credit default swaps. In total she devoted more than 20 years to the bank and left in 2014 after the physical commodities business had been sold to Mercuria. But the name ‘Queen of Commodities’ stuck to her firmly.

The following appointment to Digital Asset Holdings made her one of the most significant names in digital currencies sector.

Masters touched the topic of bitcoin at SourceMedia’s Convene in Manhattan yesterday. She sounded quite confident about prospects of blockchain: “The potential addressable markets for these types of technologies are gigantic. Every single kind of financial asset – whether we are talking about stocks, bonds or derivatives – could be handled the same way as bitcoin handles transactions”.

However Masters underlined that talking about overall understanding of great blockchain future in financial sphere is still too early. She compared it to the development of Internet in the beginning of 90s: “In

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