Digital Currency Group Adds New Advisors And Shifts Away From Bitcoin

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A lot of people active in a Bitcoin universe will have listened about a new investment in Digital Currency Group by Western Union. This news has caused a lot some-more questions than answers, nonetheless it seems DCG has combined some new advisors to their house who will assistance figure a destiny for Bitcoin and blockchain.

The New Digital Currency Group Advisors

Although there has been a lot of concentration on a investment done by Western Union and other players, a bigger news is how Digital Currency Group has combined several new advisors to their group as well. Expanding a house of this six-month-old business will assistance strengthen their business model, as they wish to concentration a concentration from Bitcoin to a blockchain.

The dual new house members who are strictly named are Glenn Hutchins and Lawrence Lenihan. Some people might have listened of those names, even yet they will frequency ring a bell among a infancy of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Hutchins is a co-founder of Silver Lake Partners, a private-equity firm. This seems a fascinating fit for DCG, as they are looking to deposit in new companies and acquire some equity from

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