Digital Currency Startups Prosper in Berlin’s Vibrant Bitcoin Community


This is a guest post by Chris Grundy, a Berlin-based Bitcoin enthusiast who works at Bitbond.

Despite Germany’s recent negative press over the Greek bailout, Berlin remains one of the world’s greatest cities for Bitcoin lovers. Whether it’s the plethora of innovative bitcoin startups springing up all over the city, the widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency along Berlin’s high streets, or the vast amount of investment flooding into the German capital, Berlin’s relationship with Bitcoin will be instrumental in shaping its future.

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Berlin startups have been enjoying an unprecedented level of investment. Indeed, “Die Welt” reported that Berlin overtook London in terms of Venture Capital Investment in 2014.


According to this report, the German capital enjoyed $2.2 billion in investment compared to London’s $1.5 billion, highlighting Berlin’s increasing suitability for promising startups to gain the funding they need to change the face of Bitcoin.

Recent political developments in Westminster might further add to Berlin’s appeal, as UK Prime Minister David Cameron “would

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