Discount Drink App Hotspot Allows Patrons To Pay With Bitcoin

Discount Drink App Hotspot Allows Patrons To Pay With Bitcoin

An app called Hotspot allows bar and restaurant patrons in Seattle, Washington to earn discounts on drinks when paying with bitcoin, according to GeekWire. It also allows the establishments to accept bitcoin payments.

The merchant incurs a transaction fee of a half to one percent compared to 3 to 4 percent credit cards charge in fees.

Hotspot works with payment processor Braintree, a payment app owned by PayPal, to enable the bitcoin transactions.

Hotspot image

The Hotspot app

Sixty venues in Seattle, where Hotspot is based, are accepting bitcoin with the app. Users get a free drink for signing up for the app on the Hotspot website.

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A Way To Accept Bitcoin

The app will not only benefit the patrons who want to use their bitcoin to buy drinks. It will also benefit the retail establishments by catering to the growing number of consumers who use cryptocurrency.

Jasjit Singh, co-founder

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