DLT10 Index to Simplify and Broaden ‘Crypto Investing’

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‘Blockchain Stocks and ETF’s’ An alternative to holding Crypto’sThe upcoming DLT10 Index will make investing in cryptocurrencies feel more familiar and more akin to traditional asset classes. By tracking the top ten public blockchains the cryptocurrency financial index, announced by DLT Financial Group and London-based fintech company Tramonex, will provide informational value and exposure to some of the largest cryptocurrencies.

While many bitcoin-based financial instruments have emerged, ranging from ETF’s and futures contracts, the DLT10 Index represents a new trend toward gauging the performance of the general cryptocurrency market, indicating the increasing maturity and public interest in the sector.

By attracting more traditional investors to cryptocurrencies, who are more accustomed to trading stock indices, such as the SP 500, Eurostoxx 50 or FTSE 100, the cryptocurrencies part of this fund may enjoy a consistent and stable increase in their value. The ten cryptocurrencies included in the DLT10 Index are bitcoin, ether, Ripple, Stellar’s cryptocurrency ‘lumens’, litecoin, dogecoin, SafeCoin, Namecoin, Factoids, and NXT.

While bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin have been around for a while, SafeCoin is relatively new as well as Stellar. Safecoin is described as the “engine of the SAFE network” for MaidSafe, which  are

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