Dmitry Morozev Makes Music out of Cryptocurrency

Silk” at Cosmoscow contemporary art festival. The artwork consisted of a setup, which was a string instrument that produced music according to the changes in Bitcoin and Litecoin prices. The musical set up was connected to’s price data. The exhibit was set up in collaboration with Laboratoria Art and Science Space and Lykke AG.

Laboratoria Art and Science Space is a Moscow based not for profit organization that is working on connecting contemporary art with science. The organization is led by the director, Daria Parkhomenko who is also the curator of the “Laboratory”. On the other hand, Lykke AG is a Switzerland based crowd based organization that extensively uses Colored Coins.

The stringed instrument installed by Dmitry Morozov was connected to a robotic arm controlled by an algorithm according to the changing bitcoin price data. The art installation is said to symbolize the changes in today’s society with respect to changes in science and technology.



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