DNotes Bitcoin App – Cryptocurrency Guide

DNotes has launched its new mobile application that offers educational resources and instructions related to digital currency.

Bitcoin, when first introduced, it was termed as the currency of the future. Six years down the line, the digital currency is gradually being adopted worldwide which makes us believe that the future is almost upon us. However, there are few things that are hindering extensive adoption of bitcoin throughout. Lack of education about bitcoin and other digital currencies tops that list of challenges.

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Not everyone knows about digital currencies. While some people have no idea what bitcoin is, there are others who are full of misinformation which was fed to them by the mainstream media. Mainstream media nowadays so used to selective coverage that people only get to hear about the negative aspects of bitcoin or events were bitcoin and other digital currencies were misused. In order to overcome these issues, it is very important to educate everyone about digital currencies, how it works, advantages and disadvantages as well.

The best way to offer access these educational content is through

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