‘DNotes Will Be Known as the Currency with a Purpose’

After a life-long fascination with how computing power can be used to solve problems, Alan Yong, founder of DNotes, wanted to add a human element to cryptocurrency.

“DNotes must be built as a digital currency for everyone, irrespective of financial standing — from the poor to the super rich; from the unborn to the most senior. It must deliberately attempt to include and assist women to help close the gender gap.”

— Alan Yong

After being introduced to cryptocurrencies in 2013, and conducting some serious research, Yong went on to found three cryptocurrency-based organizations:

  • The Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan (CRISP) — A student-centric, self-directed investment plan that utilizes DNotesVault to release 100 DNotes to willing participants, without requiring them to pay for it. The first 200 accounts to register will be awarded 100 DNotes, plus 10 DNotes each month thereafter, until the account reaches 500
  • CryptoMoms — A dedicated mission to increase women’s participation in cryptocurrency
  • DNotes — An altcoin with a holistic aim

In 1989, Yong founded Dauphin Technology, Inc. and quickly became a well-regarded visionary in the early days of mobile computers. In 1992, his company became the Pentagon’s largest supplier

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