DoctorX Analyzes Recreational Drugs, Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Drugs are generally classified as illegal in most of the places across the world. Each country has its own legislation against the production, sale, possession and consumption of different recreational drugs.

Just because the use of certain drugs for recreational purposes is illegal doesn’t mean those drugs are not available in that country. People can always find ways to procure these substances through intermediaries or they can always order over the internet on sites like Silk Road. People sometimes pay a small fortune to procure these drugs, and they may not always get what they paid for. With the drugs being sold in the black market where most dealers would prefer to stay anonymous or invisible, it is virtually impossible to ask for your money back if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

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Also, adulteration is not just the problem of food industry, there are ways to adulterate narcotics as well, and it is done on a regular basis. Now talking about consumer protection, users can’t go and complain about the quality of drugs being sold by

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