Does Bitcoin Have An Image Problem?

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Looking by bitcoin associated news, as we frequently do; it seems that stories tumble into one of 4 categories many of a time. There are those that tell of bitcoin’s purpose in some rapist enterprise, those that fact a latest business seeking to use a thought behind a blockchain for some non-bitcoin associated purpose, and those that news a latest attempts of governments and financial authorities to come to terms with and umpire a digital currency.

Finally, there are a few stories that indeed news on bitcoin’s augmenting acceptance and influence.

One of a problems that a banking has is that stories in a initial difficulty interpret most improved to a mainstream media than a others. Crime is marvellous and a new and different is scary, since a sum of a blockchain and law don’t lend themselves to 600 difference or less.

That leads to a kind of conditions we encountered this weekend. we was during a friend’s residence and somehow we got around to a fact that we mostly write on a theme of bitcoin in these pages. That stirred me to ask a friend’s teenage children who were in a room what they knew about a subject. Both offering some version

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