Does the Mt. Gox Investigation Actually Matter?

does-the-mt-gox-investigation-matter-mark-karpelesSuppose the Japanese Police have conducted an investigation deep into the Mt. Gox affair, and they’ve got all this evidence to prove negligence or even theft on the part of Mark Karpeles. The question is: so what? What difference will that make? Will it magically make the funds re-appear in the accounts of investors?

That should, after all, be the focus of all operations. To get the money returned the Mt. Gox account holders. Anything that doesn’t center on that will ultimately be a fruitless exercise in state power. Mt. Gox robbed a lot of us of a lot of money, and most don’t particularly care whether Karpeles spends an hour or a lifetime in jail, assuming we get our money back. That is the essential card in the deck. Everything else fails to matter nearly as much. Can we get our money back and how soon? These are the only two real questions most of us have.

An article in the Financial Times says:

Japanese police may have arrested Mr Karpelès on the apparently narrow grounds of allegedly padding his account at Mt Gox but they hope for a broad

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