Does a Open-Source Model Enable Bitcoin-Stealing Wallet Apps?

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According to an Apple Insider report published on Aug 9, a unfortunate trend has emerged on Apple’s App Store as a array of antagonistic copycats of obvious Bitcoin wallet apps became accessible to download. Some of a feign wallets looked utterly identical to a genuine thing though were privately tweaked to take bitcoins from gullible users. As a outcome some $20,000 reportedly finished adult in a pockets of fraud artists before Apple was means to filter and mislay a apps from a store.

The relations “success” of a feign apps and a palliate during that they were made and distributed, for some, calls into doubt Bitcoin’s roughly obvious Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) ethos. Most Bitcoin wallets have been open source, that allows anyone to determine a legitimacy of a product. But as witnessed, it also allows fraud artists to facilely duplicate that same software, to make teenager adjustments in sequence to take funds.

At slightest one renouned wallet, the Jaxx wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum and many recently Dash, has employed an proceed to this ”open” indication that is surprising in a space. While all a formula is still plainly and publicly manifest on Jaxx’s website,

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