`Does Vulnerability Testing Expose All Attack Vectors ?

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Study Case A – Penetration Testing By Navy Seals Team Six

The Navy Seals Team 6 were assigned a tedious task by The Pentagon . Its mission is to move stealthily into the newly invented working space of NASA, locate where the servers are kept, retrieve classified information from the servers and finally get out of the building without being caught or noticed .

Study Case B – Vulnerability Assessment By The Secret Service

The Central Intelligence Agency assigned one of its secret agents specialized in automobile testing to examine whether the recently purchased Cadillac One for the current president is without ‘security holes’.

Brief Analysis of Both Study Cases

Study Case A

From the look of things, the main mission of the Navy Seals Team 6 is to retrieve classified information from the servers of NASA laboratory without being noticed. Assumingly, the Navy Seals Team won’t bother about other attack vectors. Just a single attack threat or vulnerability could grant them access into NASA’s building. Another attack vector could get them directly into the laboratory .

Technically, this mode of operation could be easily compared to ethical hacking or penetration testing. Like the leader of Navy Seals Team 6, a “ pen tester” in charge

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