Dogecoin: The Most Stable Cryptocurrency?

Dogecoin LogoMany people don’t care about Dogecoin. What a joke, right? It was started as a joke, after all. The way the people communicate is such a joke – sorry, such joke, very silly.

These things might be true, but here’s something else that’s true: Dogecoin has consistently been in the top ten market capitalizations for cryptocurrencies, and since its initial highs in March last year, it’s been relatively stable in terms of both market capitalization and value.

The value we’re referring to could be very low, but with high inflation comes easier access to the coins. Many of its holders are holding millions of the altcoin, either still waiting for the day that it goes back to its former glory or using it in much the same way as Bitcoin.

One thing is for sure: the Dogecoin community has managed to pull together

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