Domain Parking Company Bodis Now Offering Bitcoin Client Payments


Domain parking company, Bodis, is now offering clients the option of being paid in Bitcoin. In an email sent today to clients, users were informed that they could now opt in to be paid in Bitcoin.

As the first domain parking company to offer this feature, we hope to please a range of users that would prefer to receive future payments to their Bitcoin wallet.

Domain parking is an advertising practice that allows domain name registrants and internet advertising publishers to monetize type-in traffic visiting a parked or “under-developed” domain name.

bitcoin_orangeThe domain name will usually resolve to a web page containing advertising listings and links. A company that streamlines this process is known as a parking company.

Today, Bodis became the first such company to allow clients to receive payments (ad revenue) in Bitcoin. Previously, clients were restricted to receiving payment via PayPal. Wage integration is the most crucial type of integration as it provides individuals with bitcoin that they can then spend. This type of adoption helps to close the crypto loop and paves the way for segregation and mankind’s complete liberation from fiat currencies.

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