Domain Parking Company Bodis Now Pays Customers in Bitcoin

Earning Bitcoin can be done in many ways, and some methods require more effort than others.  Domain parking is a great way to make a bit of money on the side when you have no immediate plans for a domain name.  Several domain parking companies will pay you a small amount of money to run advertisements on your parked domain, and Bodis now offers the option to pay customers in Bitcoin.

Domain Parking – A Sneaky Advertising Practice

The business model of domain parking has been around for quite some now. At its core, domain parking works as follows: a user registers a new domain name, without linking an email account or a website to it. In most cases, people register a ton of domain names for future use, or in the hopes of reselling them for a profit at some point.

There are two different types of domain parking: monetized and non-monetized. Monetized parked domains will show a page where advertisements are hosted, in the hopes of making a bit of money until the domain name is properly used. Non-monetized domain parking comes in the form of a page showing messages like “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon”.

Monetizing a parked domain can be a lucrative business, as most of the time a page of advertising listings and links, targeted to the predicted interests of the people visiting your parked domain. It is important to note that this type of content is subject to dynamic changes, all of which is based on the results internet surfers click on.

As a domain owner, money is usually paid out on a pay-per-click basis, as well as how beneficial those clicks have been to the advertisers. Keywords used for a given domain name are a good way to provide clues as to the intent of the visitor before arriving, and scaling advertising based on those keywords.

Bodis – A Domain Parking Company Paying out Bitcoin

It should come as no surprise that multiple companies are trying their hand at the domain parking business model. Bodis is one of those companies, and they recently became the world’s first domain parking company to pay their customers – based on their ad revenue – in Bitcoin.

Most companies restrict their clients to receiving payments by Paypal, which is an easy way to transfer money over the internet. However, there are always transaction fees associated with every Paypal payment, which have to be paid by either the sender or recipient. From a business perspective, these costs are a hassle, regardless of which party is paying them.

It will be interesting to see how many take Bodis up on their offer to receive Bitcoin payments for domain parking. Considering there are no transaction fees associated with these payments, Bitcoin could become a favorable payment method in a short amount of time. Plus, Bodis is actively helping to push Bitcoin adoption and awareness to new levels.

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