‘Donald Trumpchain’ Wants to Make Bitcoin Great Again

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Image: Donald Trumpchain

Even for seasoned veterans of bitcoin’s near-constant tide of violent bullshit, a latest debate over a cryptocurrency’s destiny has grown outsized and out of hand.

Who improved to enter a contention than a aristocrat of being yuge himself, Donald Trump?

Or, rather, a remarkably on-point satire Twitter comment called “Donald Trumpchain” that mashes adult certainly Trumpian outbursts with explanation on what’s come to be famous as a “block distance debate.”

Basically, one organisation of bitcoin users wants to change a currency’s formula to scale adult a whole complement for worldwide adoption, while a other wants to keep things some-more or reduction a same. At interest is a distance of a digital blocks of bitcoin exchange that get uploaded to a blockchain in sequence to be completed—they’re stuffing up, and as a outcome a fees that people compensate to have their exchange enclosed in a retard are climbing, and some users are stating prolonged wait times.

If you’re wondering, Donald Trumpchain is resolutely in a anti-block distance boost camp, and he believes longtime bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen, who primarily due a retard distance increase, is a “lightweight,” and a

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