Don’t Mess With Bitcoin

The sole star state of Texas has always been obvious for a position on inherent rights. On Mar 2, State Representative Matt Schaefer submitted a offer to correct a state’s structure to contend that virtual currencies like bitcoin are mediums of sell that “no supervision shall prohibit.”

geralt / Pixabay

The Texas lawmaker wants it to be famous that a use of digital currencies is a citizen’s elemental right. The recently submitted Texas House Joint Resolution 89 proposes to change Article we of a state’s structure that says that people have a right to use a accumulation of mediums of exchange. Just as a state of Texas vehemently opposes supervision division with gun rights, a amendment would strengthen currencies like bitcoin in this fashion. Resolution 89 states:

Article I, Texas Constitution, is nice by adding…the right of a people to own, hold, and use a jointly concluded on middle of exchange, including cash, coin, bullion, digital currency, or scrip when trade and constrictive for products and services shall not be infringed. No supervision shall demarcate or burden a tenure or holding of any form or

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