Doubts follow Craig Wright’s claims of bitcoin invention

Following waves made by Australian tech entrepreneur Craig Wright saying on Monday that bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto was his alter-ego, doubts on the validity of his claim have emerged from prominent corners of the cryptography community.

“There’s no way you can conclusively prove that you are the creator of bitcoin,” said Jerry Brito, executive director of Coin Center, a crypto-currency think tank in Washington DC skeptical of Wright’s claims.

Stronger proof needed

The think tank also indicated Wright’s technical demonstration using Nakamoto’s secret bitcoin keys may not have been the strongest way to prove he invented the cryptocurrency.

The Coin Center’s director of research Peter Van Valkenburgh said it would have been more convincing if Wright sent a new message cryptographically signed using the private key associated with the first ever bitcoin block “mined” – the so-called Genesis block.

In contrast to paper currency which is printed and distributed by a central government authority, bitcoins are “mined” with special software which issues the cryptocurrency in exchange for solving difficult math problems.

Wright indifferent to non-believers

Wright himself has expressed little interest in converting skeptics.

USA Screenshot

A screenshot of Craig Wright’s

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