Dr. D’s Market Promotion Challenge: DR. D pays you CASH!

Always nice to see markets thinking out of the box when it comes to their marketing efforts, such example can be found now on Dr. D’s Market:

“”PROMOTION CHALLENGE: You promote DR. D pays you CASH!

Dr. D’s Market is growing everyday. Anyone who will help to speed this up and promote this Market, will be rewarded with CASH in bitcoin, directly to there Dr. D’s account, for withdraw or to be spent on the Dr. D’s Multilingual Market.

This can be any type of advertisement, a listing on a site, tube video, banner, post, graffiti, article, etc. BE CREATIVE!

This challenge will go till the 31.1.2016 and on top of the bitcoins you have been give, for your adds (taking into account your investment in time and costs), there is a price for the first five best Dr. D’s advertisements.

1. Place: 5 Bitcoin
2. Place: 2 Bitcoin
3. Place: 1 Bitcoin
4. Place: 0.5 Bitcoin
5. Place: 0.25 Bitcoin

The advertisements will be chugged regarding to its creativity level, for instance best idea, design, technical level, how far it was spread and how long it will remain.

Make an account at Dr. D’s Multilingual Market, market links can be found here and send your links to Dr. D or the SUPPORT-TEAM in a message anytime till the 31.1.2016!

On the 5.2.2016 the winners will be posted on the login site of Dr. D’s Multilingual Market and be rewarded.””

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