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Dragon’s Tale is the only Casino in the Bitcoin Gambling Industry that was able to explore gambling in a whole new different way. The site designed a platform where players can gamble and enjoy a role-play game adventure at the same time. Since the beginning, the casino developers always made to build a casino for the community and by the community, so that’s why you can find a big, enthusiastic and strongly committed community around Dragon’s Tale.

The Casino interface is a 3D virtual environment filled with beautiful islands where players will hundreds of exotic casino-based mini-games. One of these awkward casino-based games is the Feather Balance. Feather Balance is a unique one to three player game of skill and luck. You can play against other people or house bots (dealers), at a few different stakes.

To win, the player has to Achieve Balance by having a pile of feathers that weighs “just enough”. Try to get your side of the scales in between the weight of the others players/dealers. There are 27 ‘tufts’ to start with, and each player takes one per turn until they are all used up. Each tuft also has a value from 1-9, you try

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