Dragon’s Tale – Adorn the Great Wall and Hit the Jackpot

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Dragons’s Tale was the first Bitcoin Casino Role-play-game in the Bitcoin Gambling Industry. It is also one of the leading casinos in the industry. The gameplay in Dragon’s tale is extremely addicting since you can go around an amazing 3D virtual world finding the most awkward casino games you can imagine.

One of these incredible games is the Great Wall. The Great Wall is a luck game. There are many different stakes scattered among the islands, ranging from a single Bitmill to a full Bitcoin.

In this game, players need to “create a painting”, and place it upon The Great Wall. Players can place up to five paintings on a single segment of the wall.

Each Great Wall is segmented, with the number of segments varying between them. You only need to pay one time for a full round of the game. A single bet is placed initially, with your very first painting. Any subsequent paintings, provided you do not collect the stipend or paint Mongolians, are free.

If you create a magnificent work of art, you then have the option to cash out on what you’ve earned (referred to as your “stipend”) or create another painting for a larger stipend.

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