Dragon’s Tale – Discover the Secrets of Berry Growing and get Rewarded

Dragon’s Tale is an online Bitcoin Casino different from any other Casino you’ve ever seen. Dragon’s Tale managed to mix two of the most acclaimed game styles, Gambling and role Play gaming into one of the most original games ever designed. Dragon’s Tale is indeed an ingenious game where players can meet and play some of the most exquisite casino-based games around.

The community in the game is very engaging and extremely helpful. Newbies will always be welcome and find help from other community members. There are several islands to visit and hundreds of minigames to play at Dragon’s Tale. It is completely free to open an account. Newcomers will also be able to find some bits which will help them along the way.  As any other role play game, players will need to fulfill several tasks in order to level up and consequently gain access to more islands and more games.

At Dragon’s Tale players will find a multitude of luck and skill-based minigames very different from any online Casino. One of these fun and interesting games is the Berry growing game. At Dragon’s Tale, many species of berries grow in its rich soil. Each berry type has its own cultivation secret method that can give an edge to those players who are able to discover it. The game resembles the Farmville game, but for smart people!

In the Berry growing game, players will need to discover the right way to grow the different species of berries in order to get bigger rewards. Berry growing is very easy to play, but it requires players to exercise their memory skills to get bigger rewards.

Dragon’s Tale is the most original Bitcoin Casino in the ecosystem. If you haven’t signed up for an account you probably should open one right now!

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