Dragon’s Tale – Find the Clever Panda Game and Win the Biggest Pot

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The Bitcoin gambling industry is one of the sectors which is currently bringing more people into the digital currency ecosystem. There is an immense variety gambling sites and many of them have introduced new features and new games. One of these gambling sites is Dragon’s Tale. Dragon’s Tale is the world’s most original Bitcoin casino. It is home to a role-playing game where you can find the most exotic amazing casino-based mini-games in the whole gambling industry.

In Dragon’s Tale, users will find a 3D virtual environment filled with magnificent and beautiful islands where they can find the most exotic games they have ever seen.  One of these amazing games is the Clever Panda. In this game, players will need to find the perfect stalk of bamboo so that the Panda can be completely satisfied. If the player can fully satisfy the Panda he will win the biggest prize. Of course that, for a player do that he will need to gradually increase his wager and therefore he will be exposed to a greater risk.

In Clever Panda, the Animal will be surrounded by 10 stalks of bamboo. Once you place a wager and encourage him to eat,

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