Dragon’s Tale – Find the most Exotic Treasure in any Garbage Can

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Dragon’s Tale is the place where you can role-play and gamble at the same time. It was the first Bitcoin Casino that started to offer a completely new way of gambling for those who are tired of playing the same old casino games.

Dragon’s Tale lets players go around finding a lot of exquisite casino-based games which they can only find in this magnificent virtual world. One of the fun games to play at Dragon’s Tale is the Trash Treasure. In this game all players need to do is to go around trying to find garbage cans. Over a hundred different and exotic treasures can be found in Dragon’s Tale trash cans, and players can collect them all and earn a big jackpot.

By playing the Trash Treasure, players can find valuable items. Players can then, either exchange these valuable items for Bitcoin, or they can collect them and try to earn a big Jackpot. The Trashcan Treasure is a strictly a luck game.

There are no “tips” to playing. So, you bet, you pray, and either win or lose. The thing is if players manage to find duplicate items they can even trade them with other players! A dead ant,

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