Dragon’s Tale – Match the Ming Vases and win the Jackpot

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Dragon’s Tale is the most exotic Bitcoin Casino and probably the oldest in the Bitcoin gambling industry. It was the first Casino in the Bitcoin to introduce a whole new concept to gambling. Dragon’s Tale was able to mix role-play with gambling and create the most ingenious Bitcoin casino ever.

The game goes on in a virtual world where players can find a lot of casino-based mini games. The players are allowed to go around exploring this virtual world and enrolling quests to level up and gain access to many other Islands in the game.

One of the many games that you can find in this magnificent world is the Ming Vases. Ming Vases is one of the many games strongly influenced by the Chinese culture. Ming Vases is basically an exotic slot machine where players have multiple options.

Ming Vases is only available for players above the 3rd level but also offers players the chance to win a jackpot. There are also many ways to collect multiple jackpots at once. The game has both Luck and Skill based variants. To play the game the player needs to place his bet and match at least three or more vases

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