Dragon’s Tale – Paint the Dragon and Win the Jackpot

Dragon’s Tale is an Online Multiplayer Bitcoin Casino Role Play Game. Newcomers don’t need to deposit to start gambling at Dragon’s Tale. This online casino offers players the chance to open a free account and run around a virtual world scavenging for small quantities of Bitcoin which they can later use to gamble.

At Dragon’s Tale, you will find casino based games like you’ve never seen in any other place. There will be a lot of exclusive luck and skill based games to choose from, and each and every one of these in games offers players the chance to easily double or triple their stack. Dragon’s Tale is not just any casino. It is also a virtual world where you will find a welcoming and vibrant community.  There, you can meet, socialize and even challenge other players. Players can also organize tournaments and other events in the game where other players can participate as well.


dragtOne particular High stake game that is pretty easy to play is the Skills of the Dragon. There are various islands in the game where you can find these dragon sculptures and depending on the island the initial cost of the game will be higher or lower.

The skills of the Dragon or the Dragon Paint is a high stake game. It is a very simple skill based game and one of the few where you can win a Huge Jackpot. The whole purpose of the game is to paint the Dragon’s crest and hit the right color combination. Of course, that for the game to be profitable you will need to find your own strategy if you want to hit the golden Jackpot.

Come along and visit Dragon’s Tale, to discover an amazing and fantastic Casino Role Play Game where you will find games you have never seen before!

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