Dragon’s Tale – Place Your Wager on the Turtle Maze

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Dragon’s Tale is a Bitcoin Casino that primes for its originality. The gambling site has developed a new and exotic massive multiplayer role-play gambling style that has never been seen before. Instead of having the same old traditional Casino games that you usually find in any average casino, Dragon’s Tale introduced a whole new set of original casino-based mini-games that you anywhere else.

These casino-based mini-games can be found in several islands that are part of the virtual world of Dragon’s Tale. And that’s the beauty of the game, much like in a normal role-play game, players will need to explore and evolve their character to unlock new content and access new islands.

One of these fun games, which you can also play with other players, is the Turtle Maze. In this game you will find a Maze with a few turtles on it. The maze will have a lot of mines hidden and scattered across the field, so many of the turtles will not make it to the end of the maze. The whole purpose of the game to place your wager predicting which turtles will be blown up first as they

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