Dragon’s Tale – The Casino Role Play Strategy Game

Dragon’s Tale is one of the most original Bitcoin Casino gaming sites that offer players the chance to play a real multiplayer role play game.

The story line goes on in a virtual world filled with wonderful islands where players can freely roam around and find a lot of items, challenges, and most important of all, bitcoins. To keep up the ascending level, status users need to engage the community and become active members.

In the game, there is a warm and welcoming community that will help every new player to get acquainted with the game and perform the needed tasks to level up. By participating and engaging the other players in the game you can also make some real friends and cooperate to achieve different objectives. Players are also allowed to become Governors of their own Islands and organize games and events such as lotteries and much more.dragon's taledragon's tale

The game is pretty open, and all players are invited to participate and to organize different events to streamline and improve the gameplay. There are all sorts of events where players can hit a golden Jackpot. There’s a very robust banking system behind the scenes. For instance, the house will never take a combination of bets where it can’t pay theoretical maximums on all outstanding bets.

One cool thing about Dragon’s Tale is that you also get to talk to the developer who programmed it. He does seem to take the time to discuss matters and that’s surely a very nice option that you won’t find elsewhere.

Dragon’s Tale is a massively multiplayer online casino game, and it surely is the first of its own kind. The game offers a collection of short mini-games for people to play and bet on. Be prepared to get amazed!