Dragon’s Tale – The Most Popular Bitcoin Casino Around

Dragon’s Tale is one of the most popular, unique and original Bitcoin Casino Role Play games to have come out in the recent times. The game was launched in 2012 and it is the home of hundreds of casino-based mini-games that players won’t find anywhere else in the gambling history.

Dragon’s Tale is completely different from all other gambling sites, for players don’t get introduced to traditional black jack dealers, roulette wheels, or crap tables like. Instead, players find a virtual world filled with wonders, missions, virtual societies, and opportunities to earn a lot of Bitcoin. Many of the games you will find at Dragon’s Tale are as simple as those found in any slot machine, while others require a lot of practice, thought, and skill. These games can be found throughout this magnificent world, and as the player goes up in level he will be allowed to play in other tables and find new and fun games to earn some coins.

Besides individual games, the developer also included player versus player games and players are also allowed to organize their own events, tournaments and festivals.

Dragon’s Tale was also designed for those who don’t have any coins

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