Dragons.tl Enable Bitcoin Rewards for In-Game Mentors


A popular online gambling platform has enabled Bitcoin rewards for individuals who guide novices in learning the game’s key plot points.

Dragons.tl, a casino MMORPG, perhaps is among the online online gambling platforms that lets professional players earn a bounty from offering mentorships to new players. The game features an explorable island, hiding a too many secrets behind its archipelagic outlook. Unearthing them could be complex at times, but due to Dragons.tl’s social interaction features, new players can also seek the nearby professionals for mentorships.

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“Players can assign themselves an in-game mentor to help show them the ropes of Dragon’s Tale,” the website elaborated. “Once the mentor has reached a certain level, he or she can collect a percentage of bitcoins based on how much gambling their students have done. This gives mentors incentive to help out new players and encourage them to gamble.”

Dragons.tl also offers players the opportunity to earn free Bitcoins through soldiers — a gift reward feature integrated within the MMORPG platform.

About Dragons.tl:

Dragons.tl is a popular online casino platform offering players with a variety of skill-based games. It is developed by eGenesis, the award winning game behind “A Tale in the Desert”. The parent company has been in business for more than 12 years, and is counted among the most innovative online gaming companies at present. The company’s reputation further ensure customers of all fair gaming practices.

To get more information on Dragons Tale, please visit www.dragons.tl


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