Dragons.Tl Never Loses Customers’ Bitcoin

The last year’s Mt. Gox scandal still feels like a fresh wound to the entire Bitcoin community. The theft, in which around 850,000 of the customers’ Bitcoins were disappeared, literally alarmed the entire digital currency sector about the risks of storing your value carrying units with an untrusted third party.

Ever since, governments and companies have joined hands to protect Bitcoin users from facing such horrific incidents. Despite this, we periodically hear about an X attack stealing a Y amount of money. These incidents normally keeps users away from storing their funds into the companies’ vaults. A sector which has been mostly affected by such users’ responses is online gambling.

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Even before Bitcoin, most people think that online gambling is very unsafe to their pockets. It is believed that that the gaming sites somewhat twists the computer codes to churn out fake results, due to which customer loses its deposits. It is also believed that that these gambling websites are scams that lures people into depositing amounts, and — sooner or later — disappears with it.

The aphorisms,

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