Drama: Black Hat Hackers Hack Each Other

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The hacker called “Peace” or “Peace_of_Mind” has breached one of his rivals’, website.

Peace was known for selling stolen data dumps from sites, such as VK.com, Tumblr, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Fling.com, and the Linux Mint forums. The hacker is known on dark net sites like (currently defunct) TheRealDeal marketplace and the Hell Forum where he is one of the key members.

On the other hand, “w0rm”, the cybercriminal Peace just hacked, is mostly known for breaching US media websites like the Wall Street Journal, Vice, and CNET. However, security experts know the hacker by running his website where he regularly publishes proof-of-concept code for recent security vulnerabilities, and data dumps from hacked sites. w0rm’s website has an active discussions forum, where hackers can discuss topics and sell knowledge or tools.

Users trying to access w0rm’s website on Sunday were greeted with a message: “~Hacked by Peace of Mind and prometheus for [expletive] with Hell Forum.” The site also included the “supposed” photo and the personal details of w0rm.

w0rm has been hacked before two times: in October 2014 and in September 2015. It seems Peace posted the same data from the previous doxes to the hacker’s site.

Peace confirmed to Softpedia that

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