Dream Lover Now Lets You Pay Bitcoin for Virtual Romance

Dream Lover

Dream Lover, a virtual relationship platform that allows users to send texts and receive pictures from professional models, is now supporting bitcoin as a payment option.

A product of the people behind adult entertainment studio Naughty America, Dream Lover follows in the footsteps of its sister website, which began accepting bitcoin in January 2014.

Launched later that year, Dream Lover allows users to spend bitcoin on account credits called Coins that can be used to purchase access to phone numbers assigned to Dream Lover models. Users pay for 30-day access to the phone number and any transaction fees.

Dream Lover CEO Andreas Hronopoulos described the product as one that seeks to capitalize on what he considers the broader trend of startups enabling both real and fantasy online relationships, citing Tinder as an example.

Hronopoulous told CoinDesk:

“We don’t think about it as adult entertainment, we look at it as people have relationships online and this is just an opportunity to have a virtual companion. I think the movie ‘Her’ really hit the nail on the head. People want to have relationships online and this is just the beginning.”

Hronopoulous indicated that models on the website

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