Drugs Purchased From Darknet Markets Used For Test Purposes

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The rise of fake pharmaceutical drugs around the world is alarming and is a great danger especially to those who consume these drugs. Due to this, pharmaceutical companies are trying to do their best to ensure people do not use these fake drugs which could harm their health further. The pharmaceutical industry is worth $300 billion but with the rise of darknet markets, the profits and reputation of pharmaceutical companies have dropped and will continue to do so until counterfeit products are eliminated from the market.

Drug TestPharmaceutical companies have hired an ex-police officer, Tim Ramsey, to look for drugs which are being made in untested laboratories and thereafter sold in darknet markets (DNMs) and also for fake drugs. Tim Ramsey works for Centient, a company that focuses on finding counterfeiters using technology and other relevant information. Once counterfeiters are found, they give the information to the police so that the vendors can be shut down. Most products bought by Centient are either sold as scam or are fake. They test these products to find out whether they really contain the ingredients which have been listed on the label.

Tim Ramsey together with his team consisting of 15 computer experts are trying to protect genuine brands online by finding and buying counterfeit products from the darknet markets. They use computers which all identifying information such as Facebook accounts, email accounts or registered operating systems have been permanently removed. Communication is done through encrypted emails and shipments are made to covert addresses. Payment is done via bitcoin. This ensures the sensitive information is not traced by any other people. Centient uses its own

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