Drunk Brit Buys £300 Of Pizza For Internet Strangers After Accidental Bitcoin …

imageBooze and pizza – partners in crime (Picture: SWNS)

We’ve all been there – you’re drunk and want to buy someone thousands of miles away pizza…ok, none of us have ever done that.

For Daniel Sobey-Harker this impulse left his bank account just that little bit smaller following a few sozzled mistakes.

After trying to buy a pizza for someone in the States – he became frustrated by an inability to pay for said takeaway, resorting to the controversial online currency of Bitcoin.

Mr Sobey-Harker’s judgement had been ever so slightly impaired by ‘getting through nine beers’ leaving him a ‘tad merry’ resulting in him buying two Bitcoin worth around £300.

As a result he posted this on Reddit: ‘Can someone help me (UK) buy a pizza for someone in the U.S? I’ll reward whoever can get me a method that works.

’Are you in the States? Do you want Pizza? Talk to me. May have gone overboard with Bitcoins.

‘Like I bought two to make sure it worked and it turned out that’s like $550 [USD]. Gotta be Papa John’s tho as they’re the easiest to sort

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