Dubai and EU Give a Peek into How the Blockchain Transforms Government

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government-and-blockchain-eu-examines-voting-dubai-to-go-paperlessGovernments around the world are starting to appreciate the multifaceted use of blockchain technology and are looking to adopt the blockchain in various ways, such as the government of Dubai, who are using the technology to cut down on bureaucracy.

In modern society, we continue to experience digitalization in many aspects of our lives, which is transforming the way we shop, stay in touch with our friends and family, and how we conduct business. However, elections and many other functions of government continue to take place offline, on paper and the realization of blockchain’s potential will inevitably lead to an e-voting system, as well as other advancements.

The development of e-voting can simplify and speed up the process of voting as well as reduce the administration costs of elections. Ultimately such technological advances are likely to lead

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