Dutch Bank Launches Voice-Activated Password System




ING Netherlands business can now record in to their accounts simply by speaking

Banking confidence competence be about to get a lot some-more personal following a launch of a new use by one of Europe’s heading banks.



Dutch bank ING Netherlands has updated the mobile app to embody voice-activated functions, definition users can clear their comment regulating only a few outspoken commands.

Using ‘voice biometrics’ record supposing by American organisation Nuance, business regulating iOS and Android inclination can now also check their change and emanate payments but ever wanting to enter a PIN number.

In control

nuance_inge2Nuance says that the voice biometrics technology, named Inge, is indeed some-more secure than having to enter a PIN number, as it is reduction like to stoop to beast force attacks or be fooled by imposters.

Any antagonistic attempts to penetrate into a user’s comment is also

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