Dutch Vendors Scoring On Dark Net Market Deals

This post is a bit old and was forgotten in queue – but still relevant: According to the Public Prosecutor, who made this announcement at an international cybercrime consultation in Noordwijk, there are plenty of Dutch vendors on dark net markets, one of the marketplaces, about 10 percent of the deals were made by Dutch sellers. If the statistics are true, that number is quite great, however, it is not much of a surprise from the Netherlands.

The Noordwijk meeting was held on November 23 and 24 and law enforcement authorities from the European Union, United States, Norway and Australia discussed the joint tackling of illegal trade on the dark web.

Not just drug deals, but busts are not really uncommon in the Netherlands. Last year five Dutch people were arrested by the local police in a raid. According to the law enforcement authorities, the men were selling drugs on dark net markets. During the raid, police have found around 900 BTC on the drug dealers’ account(s) (it was not clearly stated), estimated it was worth around half million Euros at the time. The members of the vendor team were sentenced from 1 to 6 years of prison.

There was another big drug bust in the Netherlands last year, which resulted in the arrest of a 55-year-old man from Ijmuiden in December 2014. He was caught after he sent large amounts of ecstasy pills and around 10 kilos of amphetamines, most likely, to his customers. During the police search of the vendor’s house, the law enforcement authorities found a plastic bag containing more than 400.000 Euros. They also found illegal substances, such as hashish, cannabis, ecstasy pills and MDMA. The local police also found 29 precisely sealed and addressed parcels, all of them containing drugs, ready for delivery to the drug dealers’ clients.

The main goal for the joint international approach, the Illegal Trading on Online Marketplaces (ITOM) project, is to make illegal trade on the dark web more difficult.

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