EC Invests €1.95m to Create Blockchain Powered Public Participation Tool

European Commission (EC) has invested €1.95 million in D-CENT to build a decentralized blockchain-powered tool for direct democracy and economic empowerment.

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D-CENT, which stands for Decentralized Citizens Engagement Technologies, is an initiative launched to bring citizens to a decision-making forefront. It is in fact a decentralized social network platform where people of Europe are allowed to discuss and share contents, participate in community discussions, and even vote — each feature ensuring a democratic decision making module.

Released in 2014, D-CENT is now close to launch its pilot programs in multiple countries, the first ones being Spain, Italy, Iceland, and Finland. Under these pilot programs, D-CENT will be deploying blockchain-based digital currencies (such as Bitcoin) in parallel with the traditional ones to fund the direct democracy experiments.


“Goal is to extend, scale and link up community digital social currencies, and create building blocks for an economy that links exchange to trust, deliberation and collective awareness.”

For instance: D-CENT is reportedly collaborating with one of the Iceland’s municipal corporations, where it will deploy cryptographic blockchain technologies for a political participation-based reward system. The project will also be lending hands to Eurocrat complimentary currency, a Barcelona-based

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