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This year’s a biggest e-commerce forum ECOM21 2015 in Latvia has allocated good courtesy to Bitcoin and Blockchain growth in a Baltic states. The discussion collected 500 attendees and 39 speakers from 32 countries.

Experts stressed a thought that Blockchain record can dig deeper into e-commerce. Well-recognized figure within a Scandinavian e-commerce industry, first partner of Alvaldi Consulting, and Chairman of Steering Commitee during Hyper Island, Sïmon Saneback, commented exclusively to CoinTelegraph:

“There was a large apportionment of a discussion that was dedicated to Bitcoin that was illusory to see and utterly peculiar to me to knowledge in an e-commerce conference.

I’ve schooled some engaging aspects of a Blockchain record and Bitcoin that we wasn’t wakeful of before ECOM21.”

ECOM21 2015 finished on a 20th of Nov in Riga, Latvia. This is a 4th book of a conference, orderly by a Business Conference Group. Themes enclosed normal e-commerce forms of payments, e-wallets, P2P lending, stores in amicable networks, law and growth of choice banking, how mobile remuneration systems are inspiring a attention and of march Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Chairman of Steering Commitee during Hyper Island, Smon Saneback,

Saneback continued:

“I was

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