EDCAB will Ensure Fair Bitcoin and Blockchain Regulation in Europe

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There is no denying European policymakers are gripping a really tighten eye on a blockchain ecosystem. So most even that a new trade physique has been established, that goes by a name of EDCAB. Exciting times are forward for blockchain origination in Europe, presumption policymakers can keep adult with a trends.

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The EDCAB Serves as a Public Blockchain Policy Platform

Although digital banking and blockchain technology have left wholly unregulated for utterly some in Europe, things are entrance to a change in a not-so-distant future. Now that a European Virtual Currency industry has shaped a new trade body, a process on digital currencies and distributed bill record will be in a balance.

It has to be said, though, a origination of a EDCAB will [hopefully] be a certain pierce for a legitimization of a practical banking ecosystem. Both Bitcoin and blockchain are mostly referred to as a “Wild West” given there are no rules, and a origination of a EDCAB will change that. Plus, they seem to be holding a right proceed by ensuring a process height is public, rather than holding meetings behind sealed doors.

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