Edinburgh Gets its First Ever Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM provider Alphavend has installed a one-way bitcoin ATM (BTM) in Edinburgh, enabling users to buy bitcoin with fiat sterling pound for the first time via a physical teller machine in the city.

Installed yesterday, the machine will be located at the foreign exchange outlet of the No 1 Currency Exchange, a fiat exchange establishment located at 34-35 Queensferry St, in Edinburgh.

As revealed by bitcoin ATM mapper CoinATMradar, bitcoin buying via the machine comes with a fee of 0.05 and a fee of 4.2%. Additionally, there is buy limit of £3,000 per transaction and a daily limit of £10,0000, according to the provider, although these figures are yet to be verified.

With its installation at a traditional currency exchange, customers will also be enabled to swap other fiat currencies, including the sterling pound, for buying the world’s most well-known and widely-implemented digital currency.


Scotland’s capital Edinburgh sees a bitcoin ATM.

While Scotland’s capital sees its first bitcoin dispenser at

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