Election result leads to the escape in Bitcoin

We all can remember the reactions after the BREXIT vote – the bitcoincors rose sharply. With the election victory of Donald Trump, this scenario has been repeated. Again, it has come to a political scandal, to a great uncertainty of the markets. The stock exchanges, which Hillary Clinton had clearly desired, had a correspondingly negative reaction.

On the other hand, escape and crisis crises are benefiting. The well-established crisis metal gold has recorded well over 2% after the stock market start. The new gold, Bitcoin, is even more violently pushed up. As with other political crises, a significant increase in the bit rate has occurred. Thus, the bitcoincors has already risen above 4% (as of 10:30 am) against the euro and US dollar.

Bitcoin is the optimal crises for security, because the digital currency is independent of governments and political institutions. Even an unpredictable Donald Trump, who can throw the regulated financial markets into uncertainty, can do little or nothing against Bitcoin. If Hillary Clinton had won the US elections, there would probably have been nothing with the bitcoincourse, either in one direction or the other. Finally, Hillary Clinton stands for the established, for the continuation of the Obama policy. An escape into Bitcoin would therefore not have been necessary and Bitcoin would not have benefited from the uncertainty.

However, the question arises as to how sustainable this bitcoin price rise is. An old stock market saying that political stock exchanges have short legs. In a rational or fundamental analysis, Bitcoin has not done anything for the digital currency. The Bitcoincurs is, in the context of the US elections, driven exclusively by emotions, which does not bring about a sustainable course development.

Basically, only speculation can be speculated as to how open Donald Trump is against the blockchain and blockchain applications. Whether Donald Trump finds the blockchain technology just as absurd as climate change remains to be seen. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, had already spoken positively for the blockchain months ago and emphasized that it would support blockchain applications.

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