Electrum X Is the Newer, Much Faster Variant of Electrum Server

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A much faster version of Electrum Server is now available. The reimplementation of Electrum Server, called Electrum X is the creation of Neil Booth which he claims to be 10 times faster than the Electrum Server.

The Electrum X Server codes are made available on GitHub under the MIT License.  While the main server is built on Python 2, the new reimplementation makes use of much advanced Python 3.4 and still manages to work with the existing clients. By using Python 3.4, Neil leverages upon the asyncio feature for a better client implementation.  The Electrum X Server is not just compatible with Bitcoin but also with other altcoins which share similarities with Bitcoin protocol. A custom codebase has been set in place to ensure compatibility.

While the Electrum server database is huge, with over 35 GB worth of data, the new system is much more compact and efficient. According to Neil, the Electrum X server is more aggressive when it comes to caching and batching DB writes. In addition, it also offers a much compact representation of the UTXOs, map address index and even the history. The compression of data on Electrum X is facilitated by the pruning feature that

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