Emerging Switzerland , Europe’s New Bitcoin Hub

Europe is emerging as the most favorable continent for bitcoin business. Apart from few Eurasian and CIS nations, bitcoin and other digital currencies are well received by the governments and population alike. Netherlands and United Kingdom have been the best destination of bitcoin businesses to operate, until Switzerland entered the picture.

Switzerland is increasingly becoming a bitcoin hub, playing host to numerous digital currency startups. Some of the companies having their presence in Switzerland includes well-known names in the industry like Xapo, Ecurex and Monetas. Xapo is one of the leading bitcoin wallet and storage service provider known for its security measures. Xapo is also known as the Fort Knox of bitcoin. The company recently shifted its base from the United States to Switzerland.

Swiss Bitcoin Exchange is a go to place for the Swiss to buy, sell and trade bitcoin. Most of the bitcoin companies in Switzerland are concentrated in Zurich area. The French part of Switzerland is also the home of few digital currency startups like sBex and Metaco.

Apart from the great weather and pristine Alps, companies find Switzerland more attractive because of its history as a neutral territory with

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