English Couple Charged for Supplying Diazepam to Northern Ireland Residents

Kelly and Ross Brennan found themselves in Derry Court recently, accused of supplying Diazepam to Northern Ireland residents. The offences were supposed to have been committed between October 2015 and June 2016. They are both being charged with Conspiring to supply the drug, and possession of a Class C drug with intent to supply.

Investigating officers told Derry Magistrates Court that the case was a very complicated matter. The officers also stated that the investigation came about after two packages were seized by the Royal Mail in Derry. The two recipients of the packages have also been charged with drug crimes.

The two men admitted to using a social media site, who’s main function was supplying drugs. The packages were suspect because of the false postal code and hand written addresses. Even more packages were intercepted in May, with some being sent from the Exeter area. The investigation resulted in the arrest of the Brennans, who resided in the Exeter area. The arrests were carried out by Exeter police.

During the investigation it was found that orders were being placed through emails and a fake Facebook profile. It was also discovered that separate orders were placed using an encrypted app on the Brennan’s phone through the Dark Net. Both admitted to the police that they were supplying Diazepam on a large scale to Northern Ireland.

Six more allegations of packages being sent within the last six days that may still be within the postal system. The couple also admitted to working under a bigger supplier, who they met on Dark Net but do not know personally. They also admitted to sending out around 10 or more packages a day.

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