Engrave Your Message on The Bitcoin Blockchain Forever

Most of us are well aware the blockchain can be used for virtually anything, and not all of those purposes have to be technological or financial in nature. Transfer of ownership of both tangible and virtual goods is one option, but BTCChina has come up with something else that might pique your interest. Have you ever wanted to imprint a message in the Bitcoin blockchain?

Bitcoin Blockchain – Versatile Tool For All Kinds of PurposesBTCCHina Bobby Lee

The main “selling point” of the Bitcoin blockchain these days is the fact this open ledger gives us a real-time overview of each and every transaction taking place on the network. And while this is very useful – and fun to watch – it is just one of millions of possibilities and implementations that await us in the next few decennia.

Other areas that are being actively looked at – at this point are smart contracts and transfer of ownership. It goes without saying that, rather than using paper format to settle sensitive issues such as ownership or contracts, a digital format visible for everyone in the world to see is far superior, and frankly, better for

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